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In May 1951, Robert L. Arnold graduated from Clarkson College with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. His stepmother suggested that he see her boss, George A. Thomas, about a job.

Robert got his first lessons in the feed business, but soon Thomas sold the business to Robert, his stepmother, his father, and his aunt. They went into business as Malone Feed & Farm Supply Inc. As the years went by, Malone Feed & Farm Supply changed direction, discontinuing the marketing of farm machinery and commencing the sale of building materials. Robert's father, Thomas Arnold, was a local contractor and opted to pursue the same avenue of expansion.

A business on the grow

In the early 1980's, Robert's sons were now full time employees and very active in the business. The construction business was flourishing and Bob again envisioned the expansion of his business. He bought a concrete plant to produce Redi-Mix concrete. In May of 1988, Robert passed away and his sons were left to carry on his legacy. The business was still growing and the brothers decided to implement many of their father's ideas to facelift and modernize the entire showroom.

A continued evolution

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They soon felt it was time for a change of direction and with the feed business now waning, they decided to close it down. In July of 1990, the brothers renamed the business from Malone Feed & Farm Supply to Malone Lumber & Ready-Mix Inc. (MLRM).


In March of 1998, an opportunity arose with the retirement of a local fuel dealer. The Connors Oil business was purchased and renamed Arnold Oil Inc. This business, which included a gas station, supplemented the existing Lumber and Ready-Mix operations and allowed the boys to offer Malone and the surrounding communities heating oil, gas, diesel, and kerosene sales, as well as service for heating systems.


In 2000, a complete remodeling of the retail store took place, with the demolition of the entire store behind the main building - which was once the heart and soul of Malone Feed & Farm Supply - and a new structure arose. The "new store" (over 8000 square feet) ushered in an era of ease for customers, with wide aisles and improved lighting.


In July of 2001, Dan and Tom again branched out and purchased a neighboring business, Upstate Memorials. The business was renamed Arnold Monuments Inc.


In June of 2009, Tom and Dan established Arnold Pre-Cast Inc. This allows us to provide products and services that both dovetails and integrates with existing Ready-Mix and Monument operations as well as expand the lines of our building supply materials business.


In the new year of 2017, Dan retired and Tom bought Dan's part of the business. Tom's son, Luke, is part of the family business and wants to follow in his father's footsteps. Tom's other son, Joshua, is currently serving our country in the U.S. Army. Tom would like to see him eventually return home and join the family business as well. Tom's daughter, Hannah, is currently going to school and would like to further her education in the marketing and advertising field, which could be a great asset to the company.


To all who have supported and continue to support us since 1951, we say THANK YOU, and to our future customers, we say WELCOME.